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Portrait of Francis Doran Ascension of Maggie The Street Drinker Suicide


In 1839, Delaroche announced: ‘From today, painting is dead’. His proclamation was a response to seeing the first successful photograph, the daguerreotype.

Resurrection is a revival of the style and technique of artist Edouard Manet (1832 –1883). In a sense Manet was an early photojournalist with a paintbrush; his paintings spoke out about contemporary social issues and he was inspired by photography and Renaissance paintings.

The rise of photography offered Manet a new way of seeing, since it stimulated the potential for the colour of ‘real life’ and emphasised bold tonal contrasts of light and shade.

The context of Resurrection reveals a taste for survival, reflecting current social anxieties about technology, environment, health and corruption. It is a series of portraits of people who have had a long-term experience with homelessness. It questions the permanency of the home and incorporates a study of how the current government’s benefits crackdown is affecting poorer people.

Each person pictured became very close to death, before being helped by local council services for the homeless, and was ultimately given a home – but for how long?


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