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dad's not the word

Dad’s not the word - currently on hold due to corona virus restrictions
Between 2015 and 2019 I photographed 50 childless, childfree women positioned in the foetal position lying on a their duvet cover on top of a mattress and shot from above in my studio. This accumulated into photobook ‘Mum’s not the word’, about women who do not procreate.

My next project,  Dad’s not the word is about men who do not have children I started photographing men in the autumn 2019. Due to coronavirus precautions I can’t shoot indoors as I had planned I'm currently seeking funding to help me finance a new perspective and open a conversation around men who are not dad's.

The project will address the current consensus in society today about people without children in terms of family, health and wellbeing. I will photograph childless, childfree and childless by circumstance or disability men, gender identifying men or anyone that does not see themselves as being a dad. Including men that do not want or can’t have children, or can not procreate  because medically explained or unexplained reasons,  because of either themselves or their partners could not, birth control precautions, had a vasectomy, partner miscarried or aborted the pregnancy, gay men, pronatalist men and environmentalists.

I will  research how the Covid19 brings about new challenges to men that do not have or some whom want children. The virus is said to be spread sexually and possibly can cause infertility in men.  


Mum's Not The Word Award finalist in -
Women Seen by Women. Julia Margaret Cameron: Honourable Mention. 2018
Themed prize: Continuity in an uncertain world. : 21st National Open Art competition 2017
Editorial & Documentary category: 10th Julia Margaret Cameron Award. 2017
People category: Sony World Photography Award 2016



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